Message of the Chairman…

Dear All, Namaste!!

United Nepalese Association (UNA) is a 501 (c) organization in registered in the State of Texas. The organization is founded for the purpose of integrating Nepalese origin youths to American mainstream politics.

Engaging Nepalese American youths to social, political, & economic aspects of the USA helps them formulate a strong vision of unity, excellence and ethical standard required to succeed in American politics. Therefore, mentorships and opportunity creating platforms are vital for them towards this end.

If we want our children to achieve high ambition and excellence, we got to set our own expectation higher. Our activities, engagement and direction, pave a solid foundation for them to built on and progress. It seems that we are not taking active role in building our youths at this time. When we are engaged in our own interests, we are overlooking the needs and platforms for our future leaders. We must do concrete steps to motivate them right this moment. Therefore, UNA fills this void. Filling this gap is not only right but good thing to do for the golden future of peace and prosperity for all.

More than an organization, UNA is an institution for shaping dreams to achieve limitless and invoking onto our youths to unlock untamed power of their imagination. Through training, participation, engagement, research, sports, interaction, UNA aims to empower the youths to succeed the ladder of US political arena. Once our youth leadership shines in the US political mainstream, it will bring the abundance of glory to our motherland Nepal.

To achieve this goal, UNA is organizing its 2nd Convention on May 27th, 28th, 29th, in Dallas, Texas. I would like to invite and welcome all of the Nepalese youth, parents and the community people to celebrate the occasion and reaffirm our dream and resolution.

Thank you,

Pasang Lama,